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Other Services:

Honing, Bottle Cap Tool Making, Form Grinding, Visual Grinding, and Brazing.

Our Facilties List:

Grinding Equipment

Cincinnati OD, ID Grinder - Hydraulic 11 x 24 (2), Norton OD, ID Grinder - Hydraulic 11 x 24, Myford  OD ID Grinder - Hydraulic 5 x 12 (1), Myford OD Grinder 5 x 12 (2),  GER O.D., I.D. Grinder Hydraulic 10 X 18, K.O. Lee Universal Grinder 18 x 12, Myford OD Grinder 5 x 12  (3),  Jagura ID Grinder, Jagura CNC ID Grinder  - Twin Spindle, K.O. Lee Universal Radial Form Grinder, Boyar Schultz 6 x 12 Surface Grinder, Okamoto 6 x 12 Surface Grinder, Okamoto 6 x 18 Surface Grinder, Max 16 x 32 Surface Grinder (2) state of the art, Brown & Sharpe 6 x 18 Visual Grinders (2),  Sunnen Millennium Honing Machine, Sunnen Power Stroke Honing Machine, Norton Hyprolap Double Disc Grinders (8),  Supertec 10x20 CNC OD/ID Grinder w/Probe (2),  Spitfire 36" single face lapping machine, Lapmaster 36" lapping machine,  Lapmaster 24 lapping machine, Bridgeport Milling Machine, Induma Milling Machine, Production Milling Machines with Speed Indexes (2), Hardings Lathe w/air collet attachment, Clausing  Lathe 14 x 36, Fortuna OD/ID Grinder

Inspection & Safety Equipment:

Snap gauges                                 Sunnen Gages

      Surface Plates                              Micrometers
      Dial bore gauges                          Sine Plates
      Carbide Gage Blocks                   Grinding Vices
      Surface Roughness gage            Inspection Microscope

      Optical Flat's up to 10"                Optical Comparator
      Gage pin (sets)                             Dorsey Dial Indicators

      Fowler Height Gage                     Toyota Forklift – 6,000 lbs. capacity




A machining process, in which two surfaces are rubbed together with an abrasive between them, by hand movement or by way of a machine to provide a smooth reflective surface.  This can take two forms. The first type of lapping  typically involves rubbing a brittle material such as glass against a surface such as iron or glass itself with an abrasive such as alumina, silicon carbide, etc., in between them. This produces microscopic fractures as the abrasive rolls about between the two surfaces and removes material from both. 

The second would be a highly polished surface measured in Light Bands.  With our newly purchased Lapmaster 24, this will allow us to measure to a Light Band.  Providing quality surfaces a step beyond those that use optical flats to measure seal face flatness.   Optical flats are restricted to measurements based on monochromatic light. More specifically, an optical flat allows you to determine the number of helium light bands that encompass a seal face's flatness. We have taken our lapping capabilities to the next level in offering lapping to Light-Bands.

Our Capacities:  36" Spitfire, 36" Lapmaster and a 24" Lapmaster, along with various size Optical flats, up to 10"


Newly purchased, high precision, horizontal surface grinders are used to achieve flat, parallel and square surfaces on critical components. Machines are equipped with magnetic tables to hold ferrous parts, while special work-holding arrangements are required for non-ferrous parts. Component/part size can be controlled incrementally in ten-thousandths of an inch.  Surface grinders will leave a smooth, linear surface finish, typically within a 16 - 32 RMS.

Flat, parallel, square and uniformity tolerances less than 0.0005, Dimensional tolerance frequently requested is ±0.0005, Ferrous or non-ferrous metals
Borazon and diamond wheels 

Our Capacities:

6" x 12" Okamoto Surface Grinder
6" x 18" Harig Surface Grinder
16" x 32" Max Surface Grinder (two)


I.D. & O.D. GRINDING -manual and CNC up to 10 inch Diameter

Certified for PWA 53 Coatings I.D. & O.D. and Flat Surface

Our ID/OD CNC Cylindrical grinders achieve precision concentricity, diameters and tapers. Our newly purchased machines provide automated programs for repeatability, gauging, and automated angle or straight approach capabilities to ensure results that are of a consistent high quality and uniform gauge.

Our Capacities:  Up to 10” maximum part diameter.  Various Manual and CNC machines


We offer Double Disc grinding which is a double sided "fine grinding" where two opposed grinding wheels are used to remove stock from both faces of a flat part at the same time. Component/parts are held between the two wheels with carrier fixtures throughout the grinding process. Double Disc delivers a high, random-pattern surface finish, typically in the 8 - 16 RMS range on most materials.  Flat and parallel results typically within 0.0002.
Certain surface finishes of 5 RMS can be achieved on certain materials.  

Our Capacities:   Norton Hyprolaps - Eight machines
We work with various materials which include Tungsten, Carbide, Aluminum, Inconel, Steel, Copper, and many more.

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High Precision Grinding